High Gloss Dual Watch Winder, Cream Interior (No' 105)



  • Winds 2 watches
  • Battery compartment
  • 4 program modes
  • Over winding protection
  • Easy operation
  • Handmade wood case, leatherette inlays
  • Adjustable watch holder sleeves suit either small or big watches
  • Complex gloss lacquering procedures, each layer of paint based on complete drying


  • Approx. dims: 180 x 180 x 190 mm (L x W x H)
  • Approx. Wgt: 1.80kg
  • 2 Watches
  • Motor
  • 4 program modes
  • Colour: Black piano gloss exterior with cream interior
  • Acrylic viewing lid
  • Premium PU Leather
  • Universal AC / DC adaptor
  • Battery compartment Type D Batteries (not included)
  • Turn and rest program: Yes
  • Watch cushion adjustable: Yes
  • Lockable: Yes
  • Working temperature: -19*C-+45*C
  • Power: AC 100-240V

Working Programs

Winding functions - Winds clockwise, anti-clockwise and bidirectional by operating the mode switches located at the back of the watch winder.

Rotating modes

  • OFF - In this mode the watch winder is switched off
  • Rotates clockwise
  • Rotates anti-clockwise
  • Rotates bi-directional, alternates between clockwise and anti-clockwise
TPD – Turns per day (approx.)
  • 650 TPD - Rotates for 1 minute, rests for 10 minutes then repeats
  • 750 TPD - Rotates for 1 minute, rests for 8 minutes then repeats
  • 850 TPD - Rotates for 1 minute, rests for 7 minutes then repeats
  • 1000 TPD - Rotates for 1 minute, rests for 6 minutes then repeats


  • Insert the adaptor into the adaptor port located at the back of the watch winder and plug into the electrical outlet or insert 2 x Type D batteries in the battery compartment.
  • Open the lid and carefully pull out the watch holder by forefinger and thumb.
  • Place the watch on the watch holder.
  • Place the watch in the winder it was taken from.
  • Using the Mode switches, select the required rotating mode direction, clockwise, anti-clockwise or bi-directional and TPD, 650, 750, 850 or 1000.
  • Press the ON/OFF switch at the back of the watch winder to ON, the watch winder should now be working.

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