Black Double Watch Winder

  • 2 watch holders
  • 2 watch stands
  • Molded frame
  • Leather faux finish
  • Choose from either Black or RedPU interior
  • Clear acrylic front viewing lid
  • 2 directional settings (clockwise & counter clockwise)
  • 4 programs
  • Standard power plug
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for placement in your bedroom, study, office etc.

Watch Pillow

  • Watch pillow type: Black spring loaded toughened plastic
  • Compressed spring circumference: 17cm
  • Depressed spring circumference: 20.5cm
  • Takes watch straps sizes between: 17-20.5cm     


  • Approx. dims: 230 x 159 x 112mm
  • Approx. weight: 905 grammes
  • AC Power adaptor supplied
  • 2 watch stand
  • Japanese Mabuchi motor
  • 1-year warranty*
  • Fits case size up to 50mm
  • Fits strap size between 165-203mm

Working Programs

    • Mode A: Rotate clockwise for 6 mins in clockwise direction, then rest for 30 mins (1440 TPD)
    • Mode B: Rotates counter clockwise for 6 mins then rest for 30 mins (1440 TPD)
    • Mode C: Rotate clockwise for 20 mins, then rest for 10 mins, then rotate counter clockwise for 20 mins, then rest for 10 mins (5760 TPD)
    • Mode D: Rotates clockwise for 10 mins, then counter clockwise for 10 mins. It will repeat this cycle for 3 hours continuously, and then when it has finished it will stop completely for 9 hrs. Once the 9 hr rest has completed it will repeat this entire cycle (2152 TPD)

    Note: The off switch is for power off. If your winder is in the middle of a program, and it is switched off. When the winder is switched on again, the program will begin again from the start.

    • Load your watch on the pillow
    • Plug in the adaptor and turn on the power
    • Select programs by program switch


    • Adaptor
    • User manual

    Additional Information

    • Storage: No
    • Movement: Programmable
    • Turns Per Day: 1440-5760
    • Watch Holder: 2
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Colour: Red or Black

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