Black Single Dome Watch Winder



  • Moulded frame
  • Black stylish finish
  • Clear acrylic dome viewing lid
  • 2 directional settings (clockwise & counter clockwise)
  • Standard power plug
  • Easy operation
  • Suitable for placement in your bedroom, study, office etc.


  • Approx. dims: 144 x 122 x 150 mm
  • Approx. wgt: 460 grams
  • 1 watch
  • China motor
  • Acrylic viewing lid
  • 1 year warranty

Working Programs

4 Programs
A) Auto rotate clockwise for 6 mins, then rest of 30 mins (1440 TPD)
B) Auto rotates counter clockwise for 6 mins, then rests for 30 mins (1440 TPD)
C) Auto rotates clockwise for 20 mins, rests for 10 mins, then auto rotates counter clockwise for 20 mins and rest for 10 mins then will repeat the cycle (5760 TPD)
D) Auto rotates clockwise for 10 mins, then counter clockwise for 10 mins. It will repeat this cycle for 3 hrs continuously when it will then stop for 9 hrs rest. It will then repeat the entire cycle (2152 TPD)


  1. Load your watch on the pillow
  2. Plug in the adaptor and turn on the power
  3. Select programs by program switch


  • Adaptor
  • User manual
Reviewed on, "best-watch-winders you can buy in 2019"
Watch Winders For A Single Watch, Time Tutelary Dome Automatic Single Watch Winder

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